Pricing for organisers

Price conditions are very simple and transparent. The organisator pays a fix payment of 0.9 € / per 1 ticket which is offered for sale in system Ticket Fair Price (TFP).Its up to the organisator how many tickets are offered for sale. There are no other fees by using the service.

Example: I am a promoter, who is organising a concert for a well known artist and there is a big expectation that there will be a huge public interest for tickets and tickets are expected to sold out very fast. I have decided to offer 6000 tickets for sale and from this amount 2000 tickets will be sold with system Ticket Fair Price (TFP). The total fee using the system Ticket Fair Price (TFP) is 1800 € ( 2000 x 0,9). There are no other fees for using the system TFP.

The payment is proceeded in electronic form using CardPay. User can use any credit or debit card for this transaction.

Ticket Fair Price (TFP) operator does not quarantee that all tickets offered for sale in the system will be sold out. The organisator can not claim money back if the tickets are not sold out.

This price list for organisators is valid and effective by publishing on website on 30.9.2017

Additional Infomation:

The basic starting price for 1 ticket is specified by the organisator.

For prospective buyers there are no additional fees. Buyers use the system after registration for free.

The organisator has an opportunity to decide whether price bids can be increased or also decreased by prospective buyers.

The organisator choose the incremental amount (steps) for increase/decrease of price bid within price levels.

Example: Prospective buyer can increase the price bid by 2 € until the price goes to 20 € including. In the following price level 21 – 40 € it is possible to increase price offer by 5 €. In the next price level 41 – 60 € the price bid can be increased by 7 €.

When the ticket price is too high the organisator can opt for a required deposit. The deposit is used as collateral for purchasing ticket price and it can be paid by CardPay only. The deposit is returned back to prospective buyers only when the buyer is not successful in the auction – the latest price bid is under red line.